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Why Choose Port Elizabeth as your South African Holiday Destination?

Port Elizabeth is Located 763km East of Cape Town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Its many attractions and activities make it the perfect holiday destination for either a quiet getaway or a fun … [Read more...]


A ceremony to honour past chiefs, it is held in July by the Kunda people. … [Read more...]


Celebrated by Chief Mokuni, of the Toka-Leya people near Livingstone, around February. The people honour their ancestors and offer sacrifices for rain in their region. … [Read more...]

Lukuni Luzwa Buuka

 A celebration of past conquests by the Toka people in the Southern Province, usually held in August. … [Read more...]


Thanksgiving ceremony for the Chewa people, held in August. It's held in the Katete Province, in eastern Zambia, you'll be able to see lots of fascinating Nyao (secret society) dancers. … [Read more...]


A May celebration led by the chief of the Kaonde people, held in the Solwezi area of northwestern Zambia. … [Read more...]

The Nc’wala

On February 24 there is a festival to celebrate the first fruit, at Mutenguleni village, near Chipata. This large celebration was recently revived, after 80 years of not being practised. It consists … [Read more...]


This traditional gathering is held on the weekend of a full moon, in September or October, at Maala on the Kafue Flats – about 40km west of Namwala. Then the Ila people (whose language is closely … [Read more...]


This is nothing to do with the Ku-omboka, described above. It is an annual two-day celebration, performed in the last weekend of July, whereby the paramount chief celebrates the arrival of the Luunda … [Read more...]

Likumbi Lya Mize

The Luvale people of western Zambia have an annual 'fair' type of celebration, which takes place for four or five days towards the end of August. 'Likumbi Lya Mize' means 'Mize day' and the event is … [Read more...]

The Ku-omboka

This is the most famous of the ceremonies, and takes place in the Western Province. It used to be around February or March, often on a Thursday, just before full moon. The precise date would only be … [Read more...]

Lwiindi Ceremony

when: Nov 2012 (annual) where: Victoria Falls At the Lwiindi Ceremony, the chief of the Toka-Leya leads his people down through the spray to the Victoria Falls gorge. Offering … [Read more...]

Kwanga Festival

when: Oct 2012 (annual) where: Samfya Every year in October the N'gumbo tribe gather in Samfya near Zambia's Lake Bangweulu for the Kwanga Festival. Feasting, drinking, music and … [Read more...]